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Want full sexy natural pouty Angelina Jollie lips? Then you will love Angels Fuller Sexy Lips. In just a few minutes you will see bigger fuller lips created but drawing your own bodies collagen to the lip area.

It's quick it's easy and no harmful drugs, fillers or doctors as it uses your bodies own natural collagen to give that full sexy lip look.

Wrinkled lips will will fill out and become smooth so no more lines.

Our hand held portable device has 3 vacuum setting to harmlessly and painlessly draw your bodies collagen to your lip area making them fuller and and giving them shape.

Our silicon lip shapers offers 2 different shapes: Fuller plump lip effect and the Apple Lip effect.

Use it 3-5 times a day for 5 minutes at a time over the first 4-6 weeks for that long lasting look you want.

Our rechargeable device lasts for about 50 minutes a time and is easily charged using the universal USB cable supplied so can we charged anywhere in the world.

Why other similar looking devices will cause pain and bruising due to inferior design and technology Angels Fuller Sexy Lips is safe and pain free.

Angels fuller sexy Lips device uses a gentle vacuum suction to massage the lips promoting the expansion of the capillary tubes in the lips creating a natural safe non invasive and painless shaping of the lips.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Hulda Hickle

I love my lips after 10min ,,, I will charge and use it again ,,, wow it so lovely .....thanks to the seller

Sydnee Moen


Josue Beatty

Well, the device is very cool packed all at the highest level of the lips become more straight right in a few seconds how long does it hold I do not know yet well in general I liked

Trever Boehm

Good, thanks

Trent Fritsch

Took a while to arrive, but it is perfect! Works perfectly on my lips! Would defnietly recommend it!