Angels 2020 Digital Plasma Pen for the removal of Moles, Warts, Freckles, Tattoos, Age Spots and other skin blemishes and imperfections

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Quickly remove moles, freckles, warts, age spots, tattoo's, birthmarks, skin tags and other small skin blemishes in the comfort of your own home and without penetrating the skin.

Simply hold the head of the pen against the item you want removed press the button, this causes a small discharge into the blemish and then simply wipe it away with a clean cloth to remove the blemish. Some small discomfort may occur after and we recommend you use an antiseptic cream to keep the area clean as your skin heals.

Angels Digital Plasma Pen uses the same Ion Carbonization technology that your doctor and beauty salons use without the cost.

Charged using the universal USB plug for international convenience so can be charged anywhere in the world.

Interchangeable heads (needles) for different blemishes of different sizes .

Please note that while we refer to the head as a needle it it is not a needle in the traditional sense and does not penetrate the skin

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Customer Reviews

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Roosevelt Beier

so good, thanks!

Nia Murray

Good access.

Margret Dickens

Very good! Thank you for the good product! Very like! Good product Thanks! Very good! Thank you for the good product! 아주좋아!

Rory Wisozk

excelente producto, muchas gracias

Jillian Larson

Excellent product! Burns away freckles and spots. Works very well. Sometimes it hurts a little bit. Especially the area around the eyes (or by maximum power intensity 9 ). The skin smells often burned but thats normal and it’s what the device basically does (to burn the skin softly). Intensity can be adjusted to 9 different intensities by pressing the main power button. The charging of the device works with an micro-USB cable which is included. An power supply is NOT included. Device comes fully charged. An manual in (bad) english is included. The description fits and the device is really great. I highly recommend! Packing and shipping is very good and very fast. Delivered nearly with speed of light. Many thanks to this professional seller!