Angels 2020 Silky Smooth Painless IPL Laser Hair Removal

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Angels Silky Smooth Painless IPL Laser permanent hair removal for silky smooth and hair free skin


Salon quality treatment in your own home.

Angels Silky Smooth Painless IPL Laser (Intense Pulse Light) is a broad-spectrum light source that is used on the skin and helps to permanently reduce hair. To ensure that Angels Silky Smooth IPL Painless Laser hair removal is completely safe compared to other laser hair removal devices, our permanent laser hair removal device gently puts the hair follicle to sleep and disrupts the hair cycle. The effect is best when you ensure it is held close to the skin when using.

Beware of cheaper lower cost imitations or worse over priced units that claim they are the same or better than Angels Silky Smooth IPL. Only Angels Silky Smooth Painless IPL Laser delivers over 990,000 flashes while others offer less than half this so have a much shorter life. Lower quality imitations can also cause burns to the skin as they have inferior safety designs and use inferior technology.

With 5 Energy-saving levels and 2 flashing modes. Angels Silky Smooth Painless IPL Laser hair removal has 5 different energy levels to suit different skin sensitivity. For the first time use, we recommend using the device on level 1 for flashing and increase the settings as you become used to the device .

Two modes for removal can meet your needs for different hair removal parts.

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Manual mode is mainly used for small areas of hair removal, such as bikini lines, underarms, fingers and lips giving you more accurate control over the area where the hair is to be removed.

Automatic mode is most suited for large hair removal areas, such as arms, legs, stomach, chest and back making it faster to remove the hair.

Quick and effective body care. It only takes 8-10 minutes to treat your entire body.

Tests and research have shown that after using the Angels Silky Smooth Painless IPL Laser hair removal system for only 3 weeks, hair growth is slow, reducing hair by 80% (too fast can damage your skin). After 6 weeks the hair becomes more delicate. Regular use will help prevent unnecessary hair from growing.

Our painless laser is suitable for women and men and can be used on the face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini lines, chest and back. And unnecessary hair growth in other parts of the body

Angels Silky Smooth Painless IPL Laser is the most effective and safe hair removal for facial hair, as it also promotes cell regeneration helping to restore skin elasticity therefore reducing wrinkles and sagging skin. Ideal for full body and all skin types including face, arms, underarms, bikini line, legs, stomach, back and chest. Body hair removal to leave your skin feeling cleansed, soft and silky smooth.

Angels Silky Smooth Painless IPL Technology—due to its design is completely painless. The IPL light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle below the skin and can suppress hair growth. No stimulation, no damage, with long-lasting effects is gentle inhibiting hair regrowth and providing you with a new experience of efficient and comfortable hair removal.

5 different power settings. Each light pulse is spaced at intervals of 3 seconds and removes the hair efficiently while reducing hair growth by more than 30% each time.

Automatic adjustment of the light intensity against different skin color and hair color. (Dark brown skin and black skin are not applicable).

Angels Silky Smooth Painless IPL Laser is gentle even on extremely sensitive body parts for hair removal.

Automatic and continuous flash setting is suitable for larger body areas.

IPL treatment may not be suitable for grey and white hair colors or very dark brown and black skin tones. This is not unique to Angels IPL but All IPL treatments including those more expensive units used in Salons.

After the initial 6-8 weeks of use hair growth will be much slower and you will only need to maintain your body hair every 2-3 months after this.

Please note that many companies refer to IPL treatments as permanent hair removal when in reality NO treatment is permanent and it is a term used in the industry to refer to long term hair removal. You will need to maintain the hair loss every 2-3 months.

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