Angels 2020 Radio Frequency LED Photon Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Removal perfect for use on the face and other body parts.

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If you ever apply a cream, gel, lotion or serum to your skin then you need Angels RF LED Photon Facial Massager to get the best out of the product or you are simply wasting money and time without it.

What does a Radio Frequency (RF) LED Photon Facial Massager actually do?

Quite simply it is a light therapy device that allows creams, gels, lotions or serums that are applied to the face or skin to penetrate beneath the outer layers of our skin and to reach the layers beneath where they work best.

Studies show that only 1-5% of an active ingredient in a cream, gel, lotion or serum actually reach the areas of our skin where it is designed to work. By using Angels Radio Frequency LED Photon Facial Massager the radio frequencies massage the skin gently heating the skin allowing the active ingredients to penetrate and be absorbed into the various layers of our skin so that it can reach the area it was designed to rejuvenate.

If even the best and most expensive creams, gels, lotions and serums are only up to 5% effective imagine how much better they would work if 50-70% of the active ingredient worked and how much better your skin will be and how much faster the results will be.

Why are there 5 different Led Light heads on the device?

Each light operates at a different frequency and is designed for a different purpose.

The Red light is for firming, toning the skin and wrinkle removal.

The Orange light is designed to remove redness and treat capillaries (tiny red cobweb like vein lines on the skin).

The Purple light is for skin whitening.

The Blue light sterlises and treats UV damaged skin from sun burn etc.

The Green light treats acne, pimples and dries up oily skin.

Angles RF LED Photon Face Massager is a facial device that is good for daily facial care for skin rejuvenation, bags under the eyes, sagging facial or neck skin (the dreaded turkey neck), shrink large skin pores, treat dark circles under the eyes, remove wrinkles, anti aging, skin renewal, face lifting and skin tightening, increasing skin elasticity, promote better lymphatic and blood circulation, restoring the skins elasticity, treat acne and pimples, blemish removal, anti allergy, dry up oily skin, body shaping and more.

Rechargeable with a long battery life using a universal USB plug so can be used and recharged anywhere in the world.

Please note if you are pregnant we recommend that you not use this product during your pregnancy.

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Customer Reviews

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Emmy Hessel

Looks ok...Seller give me a white power cord when I ordered black. Otherwise, it is as described. Hope it works. Shipping could be better, ok product...hope it works as advertised.

Bobbie Morissette

loved this product for yself bought this one as a gift for my sister she loves it

Ernesto Kris

i am very pleased with the delivery time, very responsible seller. i can't wait to try it on my skin . Thank you so much .

Melvin Donnelly

The rim is a shiny edging of the screen, and so working.

Janiya Klein

llegó antes de tiempo, muy buen servicio del vendedor.